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An expertly curated selection of high-fibre & high-protein food supplements with advanced nutritional formulas to support and enhance the effects of low-carb dieting plans such as Keto, Paleo, Atkins Mediterranean & Intermittent fasting.


1 x Apple Cider Vinegar Digestion Complex

A high-strength dose of ACV to slow-down carbohydrate absorption, combined with Turmeric & Ginger Cayenne Pepper (Capsaicin) to boost metabolism & burn fat, and prebiotics with probiotics to balance your gut, break-down food, & regulate appetite.


1 x Super B-Vitamin Complex

An advanced formula delivering a high-strength dose of all 8 B vitamins & vitamin C, in the most absorbable forms possible. to boost your metabolism, inositol to improve insulin, and choline to burn fat. Will also reduce symptoms from the ketosis transition.


1 x Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Softgels

Delivering complete plant-based protein, all 9 essential amino acids, the ideal ratio of essential omega 3 fatty acids, lipase (fat-digesting enzyme), soluble prebiotic fibres, and an array of vitamins & minerals - this super-food is the ideal partner for any diet.


    1 x Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder

    Fenugreek seeds are rich in insoluble prebiotic fibres and 'unavailable' carbohydrates which provide roughage and support the good bacteria in your intestine which work to slowly break down these indigestible materials, which helps to make you feel full up.


    60 Day Course

    This pack provides a 60 day supply of diet support nutrition, comprising 60 days supply of super B-complex, 60 days supply of Fenugreek, 90 days supply of Apple Cider Vinegar Complex & 105 days supply of Hemp Seed Oil at recommended daily dosages.



    Take 2 x Hemp Seed Oil capsules per day, with a meal. A high-fat meal will boost omega 369 absorption.

    Take 2 x ACV Complex capsules per day, with a meal. Ideally 5-10mins before you start eating.

    Take 2 x Fenugreek capsules per day, with plenty of water. Ideally in-between mealtimes to reduce hunger.

    Take 2 x Super B-complex tablets, with plenty of water. Ideally one in the morning, one in the afternoon/evening.

    Additional ACV complex & Hemp Seed Oil capsules can be taken on top of these recommended daily dosages, if and when required.

    If you experience hunger cravings, taking an extra Hemp Seed Oil capsule or 2 is a great way to give your stomach something incredibly rich in nutrition to work on, increasing feelings of fullness, and hopefully helping to keep you on the right track. 

    Similarly, our Apple Cider Vinegar complex can increase feeling of fullness, but it also serves to slow down carbohydrate absorption, to reduce the blood-sugar spikes experienced after eating foods high in simple carbohydrates. On a low-carb diet these effects are greatly magnified, so if you do decide to 'cheat', then taking 1 or 2 capsules 5-10mins before you do may help reduce any side-effects. 

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