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What is the British Menopause Society (BMS) and How Can it Help Me?

by Veronica Hughes

The British Menopause Society provides information about the menopause, a searchable register of menopause specialist doctors and its manifesto of good menopause healthcare 

What is the British Menopause Society (BMS) and How Can it Help Me?

The British Menopause Society (BMS) is a charity and the go-to organisation for all things menopause and post-reproductive health in the UK, not only for doctors and nurses but also for any woman facing the menopause or who has gone through it. 

The British Menopause Society provides free research and information about the menopause, a searchable register of menopause specialist doctors and its own manifesto of what good menopause healthcare looks like. 

Offering a wealth of information, it’s a great place to go if you want to separate scientific evidence from the ocean of claims online made by companies desperate to sell you something - regardless of whether it will really work. 

What does the British Menopause Society do? 

BMS Membership is open to healthcare professionals specialising in post reproductive women’s health. It organises lectures, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and publications for doctors and nurses - including its own journal, called Menopause International.

Established back in 1989, the BMS works with GPs and hospitals on menopause care and all aspects of post reproductive health.

Education on the Menopause 

The BMS provides an education programme for healthcare professionals.

All BMS education is evidence based, peer reviewed and in line with the NICE guideline on menopause care, which is the official NHS party line on how women should be supported through the menopause and after. It includes guidelines for all UK doctors on prescribing HRT, and on how they should deal with menopause complications. 

Education ranges from training courses and conferences to research published online and even training videos. 

Scientific Research on the Menopause 

The BMS has plenty of free online resources for women in peri menopause and menopause as well as doctors and nurses. 

The NICE Guideline: Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause

The NICE Guideline on menopause treatment gives English and Welsh doctors information based on careful summaries of reliable clinical research.  The BMS provides an easy-read summary of the Menopause NICE Guideline

The British Menopause Society Vision for Menopause Care

This statement is like a manifesto for the British Menopause Society, setting out what good menopause care looks like. It explains the fundamental principles that should underpin menopause service provision in the UK.

The British Menopause Society Handbook

Management of the Menopause, Sixth Edition is the go-to reference for medical professionals as well as members of the public who want to learn about best practice in menopause and post reproductive healthcare.

Post Reproductive Health Journal

The official journal of the BMS is a MEDLINE indexed, peer reviewed source of news, research and opinions. Many of its articles can be found via the BMS website or in searches on Google Scholar. 

British Menopause Society Consensus Statements

BMS Consensus Statements are written by specialists from the society’s medical advisory council. They summarise the available research and explain important medical conditions and controversial topics relating to the menopause.

BMS Tools for Clinicians

These tools are a range of resources that clarify some of the most common myths and misconceptions of menopause. They include guidance on HRT, for example, as well as sound advice on losing weight, migraines, workplace guidance and testosterone replacement, to name just a few. 

The British Menopause Society Specialists Register

Are you looking for a doctor who specialises in menopause healthcare? 

Lots of UK healthcare professionals have a special interest in menopause, and the BMS keeps a register of them. You can search for a specialist here

A menopause specialist is defined as a healthcare professional who has additional knowledge and skills to assess and treat women with complex medical needs. This might include multiple treatment failures, high risk cancer genes or hormone dependent cancer, for example. These menopause specialists accept referrals of more complex patients from other doctors, and help their colleagues to manage patients with higher risk factors by giving specialist advice. 


If you approaching or are already in the menopause, or have come out the other side, and you’re looking for reliable scientific information to inform yourself or discuss with your doctor, the British Menopause Society website is a precious resource. 

by Veronica Hughes

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