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What I needed!

Being quite honest, I bought these as I'd read good things about them helping build back libido.
I'm 40 something and where things were previously raging, i went through a phase where they no longer were.
Cut a long story short.... they work!!!!

Incredible supplement has changed my life!

I cannot believe how much better I feel since taking organic Tumeric curcumin! It has actually changed my life, illuminating chronic back pain from a double scoliosis that has been debilitating me for a long time.
I had been taking very strong, addictive painkillers & was referred to a pain clinic. I have now cancelled this referral & am free from all pain medication. I have recommended this product highly to others who have had the same phenomenal results!
I am truly blown away!


This is the best the best when I say the best I mean the best. I have ulcertive colitis or shall we say IBD which is a nasty horrible condition. Now this little beauty along side the organic turmeric and magnesium has kept me away from bleeding and going to the loo 30 times a day and I am no longer on medications and horrible hospital admissions at least once a year. I love the service I don’t go anywhere else but here for my supplements and I’m a full time subscriber To be honest these guys deserve all the customers in the world. Vita bright has saved my life

Surprised Really.

I have osteoarthritis in the knee,not full on but painful enough. I've tried several things ,rubs, pain killers, straps, nothing has worked as well has this .I have to say really surprised. I will keep using it. 5 STAR PRODUCT .


I’ve been taking Ashwagandha for just over a week and cannot believe the difference to my sleep pattern, it has been quite normal for me to wake 2, 3, and 4 times a night every night for years, and i’ve have suffered long spells of insomnia for over two decades, for the last couple of nights I have slept right through to 7am, I’m normally up way before 5am and shattered by 7pm, I hope this is the shape of things to come, early days, but fingers crossed. Amazing customer service from this company too, thank you Vitabright. X

So far, so good!

I have been taking these vitamins for nearly a month, and have started to notice differences already in my skin, hair and nails. My hair is glossier, and my skin feels softer. I’m really impressed. I also thought the price was great for such a concentrated dose, in such lovely small pills. I would note that is really important to follow the advice on the bottle - and take with a meal, or you may get a slightly upset stomach. But other than that, wonderful!

Chronic retro patella crepatus

After 5 months of agony with a bad knee I tried your Turmeric,cercumin tablets.After 4 days,hardly any pain.I can sleep.Brilliant

I can't live without it

This is the most incredible product. I have been using it for a year now, my hair doesn't grow at all. It's been the same length for years. In the year I have taken this biotin my hair has grown so much and it looks so incredibly healthy. All my friends and family keep asking what I've done to my hair cause it looks so good. This product is 110% worth buying and I wouldn't go without it again!

Finally found a product that really works!

Before ordering, I read numerous reviews all claiming fantastic results. I'd heard the term 'influencers' and so was sceptical of the glowing reports, but with agonising shoulder and neck pain, I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad that I did. The improvement was not immediate, but by the second week of taking two capsules daily, I noticed a distinct relief in the level of pain and stiffness experienced. I am delighted to report that I am now no longer having to take over the counter painkillers and my energy levels have significantly increased. This works... try it!

Macca Root

My wife uses them to combat menopause symptoms and says she noticed a marked improvement after just 2 days.

Curcumin really works!

I’ve been taking this for a few years. Originally I took turmeric but it doesn’t work like this. I’m not pain free but it’s so much better that I don’t think about it. I live my life with few restrictions. I had cellulitis and sepsis in my right hand and forearm 3 yrs ago and don’t take any chemical painkillers. 🤗🤗🤗


already starting to look like cousin itt

Great Company, Great Product, no messing about delivery.

Received these lovely looking capsules very quickly! Since taking, I've got more energy and I’m not as tired anymore. I immediately felt a difference which I’m very pleased about. They are now my best friend. Excellent value for money.

Balanced my system

Feeling so much better since taking Maca Root. I feel more balanced so am able to manage stressful situations better, being more in control as well as having less brain fog. I've had more energy whilst taking these too which gives me that extra boost. A definite improvement in mood and energy

Taking for eczema and work really great

great option to help with my eczema, i would hope anyone else with eczema tries these.

Effective but expensive

This product provides 118% of NRV at a cost of 16.66p per serving whereas Tesco provide 100% of NRV at a cost of 8.33p; that is half the price charged by Vitabright!! Add in the delivery charge and the cost per serving becomes 19.93p whilst Tesco's current offer of "3 for 2" brings the cost per serving down to 5.56p.

I am not connected to Tesco in any way, other than as a customer.

I have no doubt that the Vitabright product delivers what is promised but at a very high price and the Tesco product also provides 100% of NRV of Vitamin B6.

I bought one pack of Magnesium at a cost of £17.94 without much thought but that will be the last time a buy anything from Vitabright.

I very much doubt that this review will appear on the Vitabright web site.

Thanks for your feedback John, the difference in price is because Vitabright's Magnesium (Citrate) is superior to the Tesco Magnesium (Oxide).

Magnesium Citrate is among the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, meaning that it’s more easily absorbed in your digestive tract than other forms.

For this reason it is suitable for replenishing low magnesium levels. It is also reputed to have a 'calming' effect and, being a natural laxative, is sometimes used at higher doses to treat constipation.

Magnesium Oxide, the main active ingredient in Milk of Magnesia, is used primarily for short-term relief of uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

It isn’t typically used to prevent or treat magnesium deficiencies, as some studies report that it’s poorly absorbed by your digestive tract.

We always aim to provide the finest quality supplements available for the best price possible.

Can’t say how much I love those!

I’ve been struggling with anxiety, most of the time nervous, I was easily getting stressed and after I was feeling really tired and difficult to handle anything. After taking this supplement (2x a day) things just has got better!! Feeling happy and positive about everything, energy level has got much better! Probably will end up taking those for the rest of my life! Definitely worth to try - Big recommendation!!

So far, so good

I purchased a bottle of VitaBright because my hair started t fall out and break as a result of a trauma I suffered earlier this year. I got several inches cut off my hair and started taking VitaBright daily. So far, so good, 4-weeks on and my hair feels good. It has stopped breaking a much fewer hairs are falling out.


Quick delivery. Too soon to judge effectiveness but at least I havn't died yet


I can't lie; I wasn't expecting much from these when I ordered them but my god was I wrong! After just three days of taking them I noticed massive differences in the amount of anxiety I feel in general. They're easy to swallow and very reasonably priced considering you get an 8 month supply. The whole order experience was brilliant as well with Anne, the cofounder sending a personal email apologising for a delay caused by Royal Mail, something they really didn't have to do as it ended up coming the following day anyway.

Great product

I bought ashwagandha on a recommendation from a friend and it really helps with the menopause symptoms- I have recommended to at least 3 other people. Great product thank you 

Magnesium citrate

I’ve been taking the magnesium for 3 weeks, and have noticed a big difference. I’ve been suffering with spasms and restless legs and these tablets have almost cured me. I have recommended these tablets to other friends too. I have stopped taking strong pain killers which is a big relief.

Fifth brand tried and finally getting some relief…

Relief after trying five different brands!!
Highly recommended product!!
After using 4 other brands of curcumin and suffering with joint pain for more than a year this product made a difference within just 2 weeks..The best part is my neck pain showed improvement.

Great for sex drive

what more can I say, glad i tried it :)