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Supplements for Elbow Pain

Also known as tennis elbow, elbow pain can significantly impact your daily life. The pain you feel in your elbow joint will make it very challenging to complete mundane tasks such as making the bed, getting dressed, and even driving. The longer you leave this joint pain untreated, the more it can change your life for the worse.

An effective tennis elbow treatment is the use of supplements. Supplements are excellent sources of nutrients that help address a gap or establish a consistent intake of certain nutrients. Many supplements also have anti-inflammatory properties that provide pain relief. Supplements with anti-inflammatories also reduce the production of prostaglandins in your body, resulting in lesser pain and inflammation.

Here are some of the best supplements for elbow pain:

Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha 550mg with Black Pepper

Ashwagandha supplements have pain-relieving effects, preventing pain signals from travelling along the body's nervous system. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties, which can treat different forms of arthritis symptoms. Research also shows that ashwagandha supplements decrease swelling, improve the overall mobility of the joints, and slow the degradation of joints. 

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Omega 3, 2000mg Super Strength Fish Oil - 300 Softgels

Fish oil supplements are an excellent choice for relieving joint pain as it's made up of omega-3 fatty acids, which contain anti-inflammatory properties. These fatty acids provide pain relief to your body's joints. Fish oil supplements also have Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that promote the reduction of inflammation in the joints. Both types of acids also limit the production of negative proteins in the body that inhibit certain types of arthritis.


Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Complex

Adding glucosamine supplements also helps reduce pain associated with golfer's elbow as it contains chondrocytes, the cells responsible for the formation of cartilage in the body, as well as bone development. Glucosamine supplements contain two types of glucosamine: glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. The two work together to slow cartilage deterioration in the joints and reduce pain in the process.

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Gentle Iron Bisglycinate - 28mg

Iron supplements should never be overlooked for joint pain, as iron deficiency impairs muscle function and limits work capacity. Additionally, iron deficiency also causes episodes of severe pain, especially in the abdomen, joints, and limbs. By taking iron supplements, your body can produce more myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to the muscles. This creates fuel for your muscles, making it easier for you to move.


There are many supplements available to buy promising all kinds of magical remedies, so be sure to make sure you choose ones that are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). It's also important to pay attention to the claims made by the supplements. If it guarantees to "cure" a specific ailment, be on guard. Any supplements that sound too good to be true likely are.

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