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VitaBright wins 4 Beauty Supplement Awards!

VitaBright has scooped up no less than 4 Beauty Supplement Awards this year, recognising all our hard work in creating the most effective formulations made from the highest quality ingredients.

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Marine Collagen Complex | 1000mg | 9 Powerful Nutrients | Advanced ...

Simplifying Your Beauty Regime

VitaBright's Marine Collagen streamlines your beauty routine by providing a comprehensive blend of beautiful-skin nutrients in one excellent-value supplement. The power of collagen is boosted with 100mg Hyaluronic Acid, Iodine, Zinc, Copper and Vitamins C, E, B7 + B2.

Beauty Supplement Awards Judges’ Comment

"Marine Collagen+ offers a convenient way to enhance your beauty regime. Say goodbye to multiple supplements and hello to simplicity."

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Hyaluronic Acid Capsules - 300mg

The Perfect Dosage for Visible Results

VitaBright's Hyaluronic Acid is free from any additives, and comes in a high-strength dosage that’s enriched with Vitamin C to boost its benefits.

Beauty Supplement Awards Judges’ Comment

"Taking this separate supplement for hyaluronic acid is great because it enables you to get 300mg of hyaluronic acid per serving. This dosage with the vitamin C boost is perfect for achieving visible results."


Bovine Collagen Peptides Powder - Halal & Kosher

A Better Tasting, Better Absorbed Collagen Drink

Our Bovine Collagen is hydrolysed to the molecular weight of 2000 daltons which doesn’t just make it dissolve fully, it also increases its effectiveness by maximising the amount you absorb.

Beauty Supplement Awards Judges’ Comment

"It has a neutral flavour, allowing me to enjoy it in any drink of my choice. It's a game-changer for adding collagen to my daily routine without compromising on taste. I highly recommend giving it a try."

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Biotin 12,000µg, 365 Tablets with Coconut

Biotin with Coconut: Your Year-long Solution to Hair Woes

Our high-strength Biotin is boosted with coconut for extra hair shine and strong nails, making it a powerful solution for thicker hair and long-lasting benefits.

Beauty Supplement Awards Judges’ Comment

"The high dosage of Biotin, combined with coconut support, has been perfect for reducing my hair shedding. What's even better is that this supplement lasts for an entire year, making it excellent value for money. If you're struggling with excessive hair shedding, I highly recommend giving it a try."


Skin, Hair & Nail Nutrition Combo

Award-Winning Biotin with Coconut


Award-Winning Marine Collagen Complex enriched with 7 vitamins & Minerals

For beauty from within, this combo makes a powerful partnership. You'll get powerful doses of no less than 9 essential nutrients, formulated by our nutritionist to support glossy, thick hair and strong nails. 


Beauty Supplements - Bundle

Award-Winning Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C


Award-Winning Biotin with Coconut


Award-Winning Marine Collagen Complex enriched with 7 vitamins & Minerals

If you take beauty nutrition seriously, there's no better product selection than three award-winning supplements for complete nutritional support for hair, skin and nails. 

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