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These natural nutritional supplements are the ideal combination to help regulate hormonal activity and reduce symptoms of menopause, peri-menopause and PMS.


1 x Enhanced Starflower Seed Oil

High-strength GLA Starflower oil capsules with vitamin B6 to regulate hormonal activity

  • High strength: 200mg GLA (2 x stronger than evening primrose).
  • 90 fast-absorbing, easy to swallow, 1 a day capsules (3 month supply).
  • With vitamin B6 to contribute to regulation of hormonal activity.
  • Cold-pressed to retain potency & Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid free.
  • Naturally sourced, extracted, distilled and filtered.
  • Expertly formulated by professionals & made in the UK.


Starflower (Borage) Oil is the best natural source of GLA - the good Omega 6 fatty acid, making it the preferred modern alternative to evening primrose oil. It can also help to maintain normal, healthy skin & supple, flexible, mobile joints.

This product is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to gelatin in the fast-absorption softgel capsule. Do not take if pregnant or if you are on blood-thinners.


1 x  High Strength Maca Root with Black Pepper

High strength Maca Root extract capsules with black pepper to boost absorption.

  • Equivalent 4000mg Maca Root per serving (from extract).
  • 180 high strength, easy to swallow,1 a day capsules (6 month supply).
  • A special blend of natural black & yellow maca root extract.
  • Formulated with black pepper to boost absorption.
  • Sustainably sourced from the Peruvian Andes.
  • Expertly formulated by professionals & made in the UK.


Maca Root is highly nutritious and a potent adaptogen, meaning it can help your body adjust to its normal hormone levels. Maca has been proven effective in reducing menopause / PMS symptoms in several small-scale human trials. 


1 x Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

High strength, 100% pure, cold-pressed, hemp seed oil softgel capsules.

  • 1000mg superior quality natural hemp seed oil per serving.
  • 210 easy to swallow, 1 a day capsules (7 month supply).
  • High levels of Vitamin E, GLA, ALA, Phytosterols and Magnesium.
  • Cold-pressed for maximum purity, potency & effectiveness.
  • Not suitable for vegans/vegetarians (gelatin softgel capsule).
  • Expertly formulated by professionals & made in the UK.


Hemp seed oil is a genuine super-food, delivering high levels of crucial hormone-balancing nutrients; vitamin E, magnesium and Omega 3 6 9 fatty acids.

It also acts as a prebiotic fibre, helping the good bacteria in your gut to prosper and balance your microbiome, which is known to help your body regulate hormone levels.


VitaBright supplements are produced in state-of-the-art, BRC accredited grade AA, UK manufacturing facilities operating to GMP standards. We use only the finest non-GMO ingredients, double seal all bottles, and test for heavy metals to ensure there is no compromise on quality or safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Balanced my system

Since taking this bundle, I feel more balanced and I can manage stressful situations better, being more in control as well as having less brain fog. I've had more energy whilst taking these too which gives me that extra boost. A definite improvement in mood and energy

Top for Menopause

Excellent value for money. Used these to combat menopause symptoms, already noticed a difference in 2 weeks! Thank you Vitabright

Helped me

Really helped with pain and menopause

Hemp Seed oil capsules

Bought Hemp Seed instead of my other brand vitamins, which were more expensive. I will definitely reorder, helped with hormone balance

Excellent value!

Ideal for hormone balance. After suffering terrible PMT I found VitaBright's Starflower, better yet a trio of supplements to help balance my hormones. Works a treat!